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·PRODUCE Source manufacturer, mass production, complete production line, complete equipment, high production efficiency
  • Solid technical force and complete production equipment
  • Mature production technology and perfect testing methods can easily meet various production needs
  • Strictly follow the requirements of the quality management system to guide production
·R & D Strong team, production, education and research, can be customized according to the different needs of the market
  • Have a professional technical engineer
  • It has a large number of project performances across the country and some overseas regions, and its capabilities are widely recognized by the industry
·QUALITY Fully automated production equipment production line, delivered on time
  • High standards, high requirements, real-time monitoring
  • Strictly implement the industry standard quality control standard system to ensure product quality
  • Introducing an ERP system to monitor each process in real time and trace the source of each product
·SERVICE Tailor-made, dedicated project, dedicated service
  • Technical engineers provide a full range of customized solutions to solve various industry problems
  • Set up a customer quick response center for sales, 7*24 hours a day service, solve customer problems in time

Cooperation process

  • Demand- first -
  • Design- second -
  • Optional- third -
  • Custom- fourth -
  • Installation- fifth -
  • Acceptance- sixth -
  • Service- seventh -
Core services

One stop supporting customization to precisely match the demand

Scheme scientific design Plan scientific design

  • Designers with many years of industry experience come to investigate and customize solutions that meet the specifications according to individual needs
  • Product matchingProduct selection

  • Select materials according to the design plan and actual needs, we wholeheartedly, only for your satisfaction
  • professional production Production installation

  • Professional production team, strictly follow the standards to ensure the quality of the project
  • After-sales maintenance Customer service

  • Full-time after-sales team, immediate response mechanism, after-sales operation and maintenance problems, and quick solutions

    Wuxi Haiyue Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, on the shore of the beautiful Taihu Lake. It is a production-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, installation, debugging and other services of biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and other equipment. The company has solid technical force, complete production equipment, excellent production technology, perfect testing methods, and product quality assurance.

    Wuxi Haiyue’s main products: air coolers, air coolers, flue gas heat exchangers, flue gas heat exchangers, reaction stirring equipment series, fermentation and extraction equipment series, drying and mixing equipment series, concentration and evaporation equipment series , Storage tanks, recycling equipment series, and nearly one hundred chemical products in eight categories.

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